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PERSON OF INTEREST: DAVID YOW The LA based actor and former vocalist for The Jesus Lizard answers a few questions about changing yourself, channeling all that fucking anger into energy and landing in a Netflix series

Was it an easy transition from musician to actor? It wasn't difficult, but it just took a few years to have much stuff happen. I've taken several acting and improv classes (some good, some a waste of time and money) .In the last year I have (finally) found good representation in the form of Dan Moresco at Paradigm (agent) and Jennifer DaRe at ATN Entertainment (manager). There are some really exciting projects in the near and in the distant future. What’s the most challenging thing you’ve had to do as an actor? Hmmmm . . . act. Obviously as a musician your performances were physically demanding, intense and definitely put the observers on notice that they might be an unwilling witness to...

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