About Us

    Coptic Light Coffee is a woman-owned micro-roastery based out of Rosendale, NY.  Coffees are thoughtfully sourced from organizations working directly to support smallholder coffee producers with a focus on sustainability, seasonality, community-building, and fair labor practices.  Coffees are carefully cupped and selected for flavor profiles which are clean, sweet, unique, and most importantly delicious.  They then are carefully roasted to a medium-light profile in order to highlight its unique terroir and variety.
      Coptic Light Coffee was founded in 2016 by Esther Shaw, a veteran coffee professional who genuinely finds joy in working every aspect of the coffee chain from seed to cup.  She has worked with producers around the world including Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico, El Salvador, and China.  She has provided education in coffee labs in China and Taiwan for the Specialty Coffee Association.  She has spent most of her career cupping, roasting, building quality control systems, and working in multi-roaster cafes.
      Discovering that she felt passionately about every facet of the coffee industry, she decided to start her own company Coptic Light.  Her vision was a coffee roasting company centered around building communities - providing delicious, unique coffees from small farming communities around the world and bringing them to local communities here in the U.S.  Furthermore, she wanted to accomplish all of this without compromising her core values of quality, sustainability, experimentation, and social equity.

To put this bluntly, insofar as coffee consumption is concerned, this is what you want and this is what you deserve. Embrace the offering and become one with Coptic Light.