New Harvest Limu Gera, Ethiopia - now available!

Kora Kenya and El Rincon Guatemala are almost out but we have a delicious new juicy offering which is now available - the Limu Gera from Ethiopia.  Read more about the coffee below or just shop directly here.
Present-day Gera is a district in western Ethiopia whose borders roughly match those of the old Gera kingdom which existed almost 200 years ago.  Gera was renowned for its exquisite honey and the golden liquid is still an important product to the region, but today, so is coffee.  Half of the land in the district is high elevation, beautiful, old, untouched forest and the Gera coffee farm can be found sitting amongst these trees. 
The agronomists at Gera work closely with the research institute in Jimma to select local varietals best suited for its location.  All Gera coffee is cultivated using organic fertilizers and are shade grown under acacia and juniper plants.  Water conservation is practiced via the monitoring of waste water during the washing process, and soil conservation through the growth of nitrogen fixing plants.  The farm also provides for the needs of all their employees including housing, schooling, potable water, electricity, and health care.
The Gera farm works hard to maintain the natural forest located within its borders, thriving to exist in harmony with the surrounding wildlife by leaving deep forest habitats untouched.  After all, the forests are an essential factor in giving Gera coffee its beautiful cup profile - pristine and juicy with refreshing citrus and stone fruit notes and a lingering rich vanilla and floral finish.  Please enjoy!

Country, Region: Ethiopia, Oromia-Jimma

Producer: Gera Farm

Processing: Washed

Variety: Mixed Heirloom

Elevation: 1900-2100 masl

Additional Growing Information: Shade grown, organic fertilizers, washed with river water, 36-48 hour wet fermentation, dried on raised beds for 10 days