Coffee 10oz - Las Nubes, Nicaragua
Coffee 10oz - Las Nubes, Nicaragua
Coffee 10oz - Las Nubes, Nicaragua
Coffee 10oz - Las Nubes, Nicaragua
Coffee 10oz - Las Nubes, Nicaragua

Coffee 10oz - Las Nubes, Nicaragua

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Las Nubes is made up of the coffee from 20 hardworking producers, located in the Cordillera Isabelia of Jinotega, Nicaragua.  The name Las Nubes comes from the beautiful views that the clouds make around the tops of the mountains and over the farms of this region. The foggy rainforest and rich climatic conditions offer some of the most productive haciendas in the country.

Farmers contributing to Las Nubes coffees are long-standing partners as well as new farmers who share something in common – eagerness to innovate and grow.  Farmers own mid to large sized farms ranging from 10 to 25 hectares farmers. Because these farmers can process and manage larger volumes, they have become specialized and know how to process consistent coffee harvest after harvest.  This also leaves room for exploration and experimentation of processing techniques.

Farmers deliver their coffee to a drying site and buying station owned by our friends at Caravela, called La Concordia after the local community town. Coffee is slowly dried on raised beds from 20 to 28 days depending on weather conditions.  La Concordia not only offers drying services but an on-the-ground team from Caravela works closely with producers to create quality control and evaluation systems as well as education and technical assistance.

One of the newest experimental projects for Las Nubes has been expanding producer processing techniques to include honeys and naturals.  The Caravela team carefully developed protocols and guidelines to experiment first with a few coffees lots to assess the quality potential and risks involved before providing personalized technical assistance to producers.

We definitely feel that all of this amazing work is reflected directly in the cup profile of Las Nubes - pristine, sweet, and balanced.  We especially selected this coffee for its notes of dried cherry, green grape, roasted almond, and cocoa in the finish.  So please sip and enjoy!

Country, Region: Nicaragua, Jinotega

Dry Mill: La Concordia

Processing: Washed, dried 20-28 days on raised beds

Variety: Caturra, Catuaí, Catimor

Elevation: 1100-1500 masl

Tasting Notes: Dried cherry, green grape, almond, cocoa