Coffee 10oz - Gora Kone, Ethiopia
Coffee 10oz - Gora Kone, Ethiopia
Coffee 10oz - Gora Kone, Ethiopia
Coffee 10oz - Gora Kone, Ethiopia

Coffee 10oz - Gora Kone, Ethiopia

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Located in the south of Ethiopia, Nensebo is a lesser known region which often gets lumped in with its nearby coffee sibling Sidamo. More recently, coffee buyers have become very aware of the great potential which Nensebo offers with seventy percent covered in high elevation hills and mountain ranges, half of which is forested, providing natural shade for coffee growing.  With its great success in the Cup of Excellence, Nensebo has finally become recognized as its own specialty coffee sub-region, and Gora Kone washing station is a shining example.

Founded in 2010, The Gora Kone washing station receives its red cherries from 600 to 1000 farmers in the area, most of which have very small fields below four hectares.  The past two years have proved to be the most challenging for Gora Kone with erratic rainfall, resulting in a large shortage in coffee production.  Many coffee cherries have dried on the tree and the nearby Gerenbichoh river, which Gora Kone has always relied on to wash cherries, has been heavily impacted.  To deal with this issue, new Penagos machines have been installed which require much less water while still maintaining the high quality of the coffee.

The hard work which Gora Kone has put forth to be more sustainable and adapt to climate changes while maintaining its coffee quality is certainly reflected in the cup. Gora Kone maintains its wonderfully complex and juicy profile full of pomegranate and black cherries up front with the aroma of roses and cacao in the finish.  A special treat which we hope you will savor and enjoy!

Country, Region: Ethiopia, West Arsi, Nensebo

Washing Station: Gora Kone, 600-1000 smallholders

Processing: Washed

Variety: Mixed Heirloom

Elevation: 1900-2050 masl

Tasting Notes: Pomegranate, Black Cherries, Rose, Cacao