New Coptic Light Packaging!

A unique aspect of Coptic Light is that our lovely coffee is always packaged in equally as beautiful art.  With so many talented artist friends, we have decided to rotate our art at least once a year, and currently we are featuring art from Simon Fowler.

Simon Fowler is a London based artist and print maker. He has worked and collaborated with a diverse number of musicians (Kevin Martin - The Bug, Dylan Carlson - Earth, Kawamura Kosuke, Alexander McQueen)  and record labels seeking to incorporate his distinctive design to help realize their auditory message to a more direct visual statement. He has also produced book jacket designs and editorial illustrations.   He has had exhibitions in London, Osaka and NYC and is co-owner of Cataract Press. 

The illustration for our Coptic Light box is from an original print that Simon did for Wrekmeister Harmonies second release Then It All Came Down. Fowler described how he was walking down the street one evening and noticed a municipal pipe jutting from the ground oozing a viscous liquid and his imagination led him to envision a massive world extending from that liquid that encompassed all the mysteries of our known (and unknown) universe.

Check out more of Simon Fowler's art work at: