Where The Hell Are You Going?

More like where the hell have we been? It seems like just a few weeks ago we were introducing ourselves and honestly we couldn’t have been happier with all the kind words and photos posted up of our new baby. Since that time we headed out on a tour of musiks and coffee related experiences that will have us circling this giant rock we call home for the next 8 weeks. We split from Astoria and headed to the bay area for a cupping at CoRo, in that bastion of liberality called Berkeley, then endured an excruciating Spirit Airlines flight to that grimy grey lady Chicago for a second cupping courtesy of Metropolis and for the hell of it at the Pulley Collective in Brooklyn to complete the trifecta. We also managed to play a show in there somewhere before boarding a flight to Moscow. We had very little time to enjoy the high prices, interesting colognes and fashion choices before catching our connection to Prague. Rested up and feeling civilized we tried some outstanding Colombian lactic fermentation processed coffee at EMA Espresso Bar which was located somewhere in the city center or at least nearby some very old buildings. Then it was on to Berlin, famed city of vice, where even a combination of famed degenerates Mr.’s Bowie and Osterberg could scarcely raise an eyebrow and where the architecture can best be summed up by the band name Einsturzende Neubauten. We played an event at Bei Ruth, which was located near the finest junkyard in town and required us to haul our gear up four grueling flights of stairs. Truly decadent! Next up was Hamburg, a rough port of even more sublime vice (we’re looking at you Reeperbahn!), and home to a spectacularly un-picturesque harbor front. We experienced a gentle, yet gnawing sense of depression knowing that Phillip Seymour Hoffman had his last job here. Moving on to Utrecht, in the Netherlands, where it was a joy to walk through a park without being solicited for a narcotics or sex purchase. The only awkwardness was the dawning realization that we weren’t doing anything on a bicycle. Naturally we ate a fifty-two course cheese dinner and slept in a farmhouse. Rising on the early-ish side Saturday we made our way through the Chunnel to Old Blimey. A stroll through Regents Park was another civilized event and we felt even more evolved for taking a pass on visiting the London Zoo. To augment this we played a show that evening in Camden, which is, let’s be honest here, the human equivalent of the London Zoo. Sunday afternoon we rolled through the legendary English countryside (Downton Abbey fans should do this) for the obligatory visit to the mysterious ruins of Stonehenge where we had meditation practice in the parking lot. At five o’clock we arrived in Bristol, which was bathed in a local meteorological oddity called “sunshine” which was somewhat offset by the number of drunken citizenry roaming the streets. That and the blowing dust devils of trash. As we write this we’re departing Bruges, Belgium where we sampled a surprisingly decent, lightly roasted Colombian coffee at I Love Coffee and experienced a world record for eye rolls from our very flappable maître’d while trying to order a bowl of mussels and frites. Even in light of this we can’t help but being impressed by our European cousins and their unbelievable interest/enthusiasm for our Coptic Light Coffee. One week into this thing and we’ve sold over half of our for sale stock, proving our point that people want and deserve good coffee. Oh yeah, we’ll be offering up a round of Coptic Light Coffee for pre-sale on June 15th, so keep your face to the ground. We’ll be back around soon with more news….