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San Jose Poaquil

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Smallholders are abundant in the Chimaltenango region of Guatemala, which has ideal conditions for growing older varieties such as Typica, Caturra, and Bourbon with elevations exceeding 2050 masl.  Smallholders of the San Jose Poaquil municipality often have less than one hectare of coffee planted, and most harvest their own cherries, taking them to nearby receiving stations where they are then processed and dried in Antigua.  We selected this coffee for its satisfying balanced profile with notes of yellow peach, honey crisp apples, and caramel.  A comforting cup for the autumnal season.

Country, Region: Guatemala, Chimaltenango

Producer: San Jose Poaquil

Processing & Type: Washed

Varieties: Typica, Bourbon

Elevation: 1700-1900 masl

Additional Growing Information: Dried on raised beds and patios

Roaster's approach: "Our classic roasting approach was used for this coffee - some good heat up front and gradually pulling back on the gas into first crack.  Of course, once you get there stay especially attentive to its color and sheen before deciding when to drop your batch."


Shipping: 1 box  = $5 / 2-6 boxes = $7 / 7 or more boxes = $10

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