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  We are bringing back the Maputo from Pichincha, Ecuador and it's tasting even more beautiful, sweet, and juicy than ever!  This small farm and mill is run by Henry and Verena Gaibor an international couple who met via Doctors without Borders in Burundi and then moved to Quito to run a clinic for more than 13 years.  Now together they are pursuing their passion for coffee, and their methodical tendencies from the medical profession definitely reflect themselves in their coffee methodologies.  Their best practices in growing different varieties (Typica, Bourbon, SL-28, Sidra, Kaffa, and Caturra)picking, processing, and drying are reflected in the cup.  The microlot we bring you this year is a Typica variety with notes of juicy mandarin oranges and aromatic sweet honey blossom up front and a smooth milk chocolate finish.

Country, Region: Ecuador, Pichincha, La Perla, Nanegal

Producer: Henry and Verena Gaibor, Finca Maputo

Processing: Washed

Varieties: Typica

Elevation: 1350 masl

Additional Growing Information: Although the altitude is relatively low, the specific microclimate in this area has high humidity, mist covered afternoons, and especially cool nights creating its own unique taste profile.

Roaster's approach: "The special microclimate of this delicate coffee definitely requires a more attentive roast profile than usual.  Careful heat application up front still creates some fierce cracking - the heat is pulled back further and airflow increased to finish the roast right." 


Shipping: 1 box  = $5 / 2-6 boxes = $7 / 7 or more boxes = $10 (NY residents order directly at to schedule pick-up or delivery)

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