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Coffee - Kanzu

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We always get excited this time of year for the arrival of fresh new coffees from Rwanda.  Coptic Light is delighted to present to you this elegant coffee from the Kanzu washing station in the Nyamasheke district of the Western Province of Rwanda.
Kanzu employs fifty local men and women and is a small, well-run  jewel of a factory set against the green hills of coffee, cassava, sweet potato, sugarcane, bananas, and beans. The hills border the Nyungwe Forest, now a protected National Park, and the cool cloud cover drifts over Kanzu, which not only makes for beautiful light but exceptional coffee-growing conditions as well.  
We selected this beautiful coffee for its green grape juiciness up front, silky body, and fresh fig sweetness in the finish.


Country, Region: Rwanda, Western Province, Nyamasheke District

Producer: Kanzu Washing Station

Processing & Type: Washed

Variety: French Mission Bourbon

Elevation: 1800 –2100 masl

Additional Growing Information: After arriving to the washing station, the cherries are floated, pulped, and undergo a dry fermentation for 16-18 hours with the mucilage still on.  They are then given a final wash off in an 18 hour soak and dried on raised beds.

Roaster's approach: "The wonderful tartaric acidity of this coffee can easily be overpowered.  So I approached this coffee with gentle heat - but just enough to coax out that comforting velvety body in addition to its lovely juiciness."


Shipping: 1 box  = $5 / 2-6 boxes = $7 / 7 or more boxes = $10

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