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Gorbota Natural

$ 20.00
For lovers of fruit-forward coffees, the Gorbota Natural bursts with notes of ripe strawberries and peaches with an intriguing lilac finish.  For those who are not familiar with natural processed coffees, you should definitely give this one a try because it will blow your mind.  Or even if you are familiar, this natty will definitely leave a lingering jammy impression which you will not easily forget.

Country, Region: Ethiopia, Gedeo

Producer: Gorbota Washing Station

Processing & Type: Natural Yirgacheffe

Variety: Heirloom

Elevation: 1900-2100 masl

Additional Growing Information: Dried on raised beds

Roaster's approach: "Hot and fast is definitely the way to go with this fruit bomb.  Lots of heat up front to bring out all of those berry and stone fruit notes and then quickly drop it after first crack so you don't let all the jamminess get away from you."

Packaging is hand drawn, letterpress printed, shipped, and assembled in-house. You can read more about it here.


Shipping: 1 box  = $9.50 / 2-6 boxes = $13 / 7 or more boxes = $18

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