Coffee 12oz - Derikocha Guji Natural, Ethiopia
Coffee 12oz - Derikocha Guji Natural, Ethiopia
Coffee 12oz - Derikocha Guji Natural, Ethiopia
Coffee 12oz - Derikocha Guji Natural, Ethiopia

Coffee 12oz - Derikocha Guji Natural, Ethiopia

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Guji is a remote, heavily forested stretch of land found in the southeast corner of the Oromia region.  The Guji tribe have for generations struggled to conserve the land’s sacred forest canopy by reducing mining and logging outfits where they can.  As a result, the Guji highland farming communities possess some of the country’s healthiest biodiversity.  Farmers sometimes have larger, more diversified parcels with equal emphasis on livestock or other crops for local markets as on coffee, but the majority have always been small with 2 to 4 acres only.

Ashenafi Woressa’s washing station, called Derikocha, is in Derkidame town in the district of Hambela Wamena.  The trek north from this region to Addis Ababa, where all coffee travels, is a difficult one reaching heights over 2600 meters.  This is why private washing stations like Derikocha are important, providing local growers the infrastructure to sell their coffee at steady higher prices rather than the sporadic, rogue coffee collectors offering low prices.

Fresh cherries are delivered to Derikocha throughout the day, inspected upon arrival for uniform ripeness, size, and cleanliness.  Cherries are then transported to raised beds for approximately three weeks where they are turned every three hours to ensure uniform drying. On most days the cherry is covered between the hours of 12pm and 3pm to protect the thin skin from the intensity of the mid-day sun. Beds are also covered each night, and during any sporadic rain fall.

With all of this care and attention, it is no surprise that Derikocha's coffee is so sweet, clean, and juicy with notes of strawberries, kumquat, and vanilla.  Please enjoy!

Country, Region: Ethiopia, Oromia, Guji, Hambelawamena

Washing station: Derikocha managed by Ashenafi Woressa

Processing: Natural

Variety: Heirloom

Elevation: 1900-2250 masl

Tasting Notes: Strawberries, Kumquat, Vanilla

Additional Growing Information:  Cherries dried on raised beds for three weeks, turned every three hours