Coffee 12oz - Cenfrocafe, Peru
Coffee 12oz - Cenfrocafe, Peru
Coffee 12oz - Cenfrocafe, Peru
Coffee 12oz - Cenfrocafe, Peru

Coffee 12oz - Cenfrocafe, Peru

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Established in 1999, Cenfrocafe is an umbrella cooperative which finances smaller farm associations totaling at 2400 members with an average farm size of 4-10 hectares.

The organic and sustainable practices at Cenfrocafe are a key part of the cooperative's success.  The most popular form of organic fertilizer used by its farmers is called Guano de Isla.  This is bird guano mined from the tiny islands off the coast of Peru and are full of micronutrients which promotes tree health.  Farmers also practice methodical pruning to avoid overproduction.  In 2013 when roya (rust disease) was ravaging other parts of Peru, Cenfrocafe members were able to recover quickly from its effects due to tree health and sound pruning practices.

Because harvest season is often wet in Jaén, Cenfrocafe members carefully dry their coffees in parabolic driers, which are raised beds covered within greenhouses.  In fact, drying practices are so effective that Cenfrocafe coffees are remarkably stable, holding their quality several months after harvest due to an absence of aldehydes which often results from inconsistent drying.

Cenfrocafe built its operations around cupping and selective lot separation and preparation. Their cuppers were among the first to get Q-certified in Peru, but more importantly maintained the discipline and art of cupping over the years.  Farmers are paid premiums for each level of quality they achieve and this incentive is appreciated from the members which is shown in Cenfrocafe's stable membership despite market volatility.

All of these thoughtful sustainable practices and systems from Cenfrocafe definitely do exhibit in the cup.  This year's lot is one of the richest and sweetest cups we have tasted from this cooperative.  We particularly love how soothing and comforting the cup is with notes of fudge, cashew butter, and maple syrup.  Please sip and enjoy!

Country, Region: Peru, Cajamarca, Jaén

Cooperative: Cenfrocafe

Processing: Washed

Variety: Typica, Caturra

Elevation: 1200-1800 masl

Tasting Notes: Fudge, cashew butter, maple syrup

Additional Growing Information: Organic, dried on parabolic beds