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Coffee 12 oz - Kora, Kenya

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Located in the Muranga region of central Kenya, the Kiru Farmers Cooperative manages four processing stations including the Kora Washing Station which has around 850 smallholder producers.  The red volcanic soil in this region is rich in minerals, making it optimal for growing a wide range of coffee varieties.  The Kora washing station also receives support from Coffee Management Services, an organization which aims to improve farm management practices via farmer training, pre-financing services, agricultural practice seminars and sustainable farming techniques.
Upon arrival at the Kora Washing Station, coffee cherries are hand-sorted before they are sent through the depulping machine.  The mucilage covered seeds immediately undergo a dry fermentation under shade ranging from 12-24 hours.  The coffee is then placed in water-filled tanks for a wet fermentation which evens out the enzymatic process and removes any remaining mucilage.  This double fermentation process ranges from 24-36 hours depending on the climate.  The coffees are washed again, graded by density in washing channels, and finally sun-dried for up to 20 days on raised beds.
While this processing method is resource and labor-intensive, it is also responsible for developing the clean, juicy nectarine and mango flavors which we at Coptic Light so deeply appreciate from this beautiful coffee and are so pleased to share with you. Enjoy!

 Country, Region: Kenya, Kagumoini, Muranga

Producer: Kiru Coop, Kora Factory

Processing: Double fermentation, Washed

Varieties: Batian, Ruiru 11, SL28, SL34

Elevation: 1700-1800 masl

Additional Growing Information: Plants grown in red volcanic soil / Cherries hand-sorted / 24-36 hour dry and wet fermentation / Sun-dried on raised beds for 20 days

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