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Coffee 12 oz - Jeovany Lara, Honduras

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Santa Barbara is located in western Honduras and is known for producing delicious coffees as a result of the fertile volcanic soil and the unique microclimate produced by the highlands around Lake Yojoa.  Cool mists keep temperatures low and protect the plants from excess direct sunlight causing a very extended cherry maturation period and contributing to the complex taste profiles of these coffees.
Another essential factor are the people whose resources, expertise, and passion are elevating the quality of coffee in Honduras.  A fine example is Beneficio San Vicente, a family owned and operated dry mill and exporter located in the town of Pena Blanca in northwestern Honduras. As production in Santa Barbara increased, founder and longtime coffee buyer Fidel Paz constructed the mill in 2000, affording the family the opportunity to finance and connect producers directly to international buyers willing to pay fair and competitive prices.  Additionally, the family's technical support at the farm level, cherry processing consultation, meticulous attention at the dry mill, and expert lot selection process all contribute to the fine coffees coming out of this outstanding mill and exporter.

Coptic Light is very pleased to present one of the delicious coffees selected as a top microlot by Benificio San Vincente from producer Jeovany Lara.  We enjoy the creamy milk chocolate, brown sugar sweetness, and hints of tamarind tanginess making for an especially soothing and comforting cup.  Please enjoy!

Country, Region: Honduras, Los Andes, Santa Barbara

Producer, Mill: Jeovany Lara, Beneficio San Vincente

Processing: Washed

Variety: Pacas

Elevation: 1500-1550 masl

Additional Growing Information: 16 hour fermentation, washed 3-5 times, dried on raised beds, moved to a solar dryer for 14 to 20 days rotated every hour

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