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Coffee 12 oz - El Rincon, Guatemala

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In 1958, Jorge Vides Molina, a prominent doctor, bought his first piece of land in the region of La Libertad, Huehuetenango and grew coffee until the entire farm was cultivated with Bourbon and Caturra varietals. What started as Jorge’s passion project while still practicing medicine full time has since grown into a network of farms and an accompanying export business now run by Jorge’s grandchildren. The family's attention to detail when harvesting, processing, and exporting as well as their investment in social programs for their workers demonstrate their devotion to community, sustainability, and traceability.
In 2002, the Vides Molina family entered the Cup of Excellence for the first time, placing second, and discovered the potential in producing specialty micro-lots. They decided to overhaul their farming operations, cupping lots and individual varieties to separate quality and to cultivate direct relationships with roasters and coffee buyers.
The coffee we proudly bring to you from Finca el Rincon is a part of this prestigious network of farms run by the Vides Molina family.  The three generations of hard work and growth definitely shows in the cup - dried cherries, pecan, and dark chocolate with a hint of baking spice in the finish. Each delicious sip creates a comforting taste experience, so please enjoy!

Country, Region: Guatemala, Huehuetenango, La Libertad

Producer: Molina Family, El Mirador Finca El Rincon

Processing: Washed

Varieties: Bourbon, Caturra

Elevation: 1550-1700 masl

Additional Growing Information: Sun dried on patio

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