Coffee 10oz - Fazenda Passeio, Brazil
Coffee 10oz - Fazenda Passeio, Brazil
Coffee 10oz - Fazenda Passeio, Brazil

Coffee 10oz - Fazenda Passeio, Brazil

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In the south of Minas Gerais, dusty roads curl through sugar cane fields and climb into higher grounds taking you to the entrance of Fazenda Passeio. This 130-hectare farm is headed by Adolfo Henrique Vieira Ferreira, a fourth-generation farmer, known throughout the region as one of the pioneers of specialty coffee in Brazil. The coffee is grown on steep slopes, inaccessible to machines, and consequently, all coffee cherries must be handpicked - a rarity in Brazil, which elevates the quality of Adolfo's coffees.

With a focus on natural and pulped natural coffees, Fazenda Passeio holds all the equipment needed to handle processing at the farm level from start to finish. As a result, coffee cherries can be picked at optimal ripeness and pulped immediately afterwards, ensuring a sweet and clean cup. They are then placed on the patio to dry and finished using large mechanical driers, after which they rest for 45-60 days and are carefully sorted before export.

While Adolfo continually strives to improve the quality of his coffees, he also emphasizes sustainability throughout the coffee production process and has created nature reserves in the surrounding forests. He places even greater value on people, making sure his workers receive fair pay, training, social services, and a place to send their children to school.

All of this care and attention certainly translates into the cup. Its sweet and clean profile is definitely what drew us to this very approachable, soothing coffee. A creamy body with chocolate notes up front is nicely balanced with hints of raisins and almonds in the finish. Please sip and enjoy!

Country, Region: Brazil, Sul de Minas

Producer: Adolfo Henrique Vieira Ferreira

Processing: Natural

Variety: Yellow Catuai, Mundo Novo, Acaia

Elevation: 1200 masl

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, creamy body, raisins, almonds