Coffee 10 oz - El Nogal, Guatemala
Coffee 10 oz - El Nogal, Guatemala
Coffee 10 oz - El Nogal, Guatemala
Coffee 10 oz - El Nogal, Guatemala

Coffee 10 oz - El Nogal, Guatemala

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Yes!  Summer has begun and with the change in season comes the arrival of the fresh Central American coffee harvest.  The first offering we bring to you this year is El Nogal which grows in the beautiful region of Huehuetenango, located in western Guatemala and bordering Mexico to the north.  This region is not only unique for its ethnic diversity but also for its rich biodiversity with perfect micro-climates for growing coffee and other magnificent trees.  One of these trees is the namesake of our coffee, El Nogal, a walnut tree that reaches up to 22 meters high and is cultivated for its wood, aromatic leaves, and edible fruit.  It is common to see the tops of this ancient tree from afar in the forest preserve when traversing the coffee lands around Huehuetenango.

Producers who proudly contribute to El Nogal are small-scale, with an average farm size of 4 hectares, cultivating varieties such as Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon, and Pache. This coffee is possible thanks to the teamwork carried out by the surrounding coffee community and the quality approach that is ingrained in their processing and farming practices.

This pride and high standard from the producers and community are most certainly evident when sipping on this coffee.  El Nogal has a wonderfully balanced cup profile - classic and approachable with notes of milk chocolate and apple pie up front and roasted pecans in the finish.

Country, Region: Guatemala, Huehuetenango

Producer: Various smallholder farms

Processing: Washed

Variety: Red Caturra, Pache, Red & Yellow Catuai, Red Bourbon

Elevation: 1200-1800 masl

Tasting Notes: Milk chocolate, apple pie, roasted pecans

Additional Growing Information: 30 hour wet fermentation