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Coffee 10 oz - Bangi, Gesha Village Ethiopia, Natural

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Near the border of South Sudan are the wild, dense, and stunning Gori Gesha forests of the remote Bench Maji zone where the Gesha variety was originally discovered and taken to Panama during the 1930s.  Gesha is considered by many to be the crown jewel of coffees with a beautifully balanced array of fruit and floral notes.
While producing a documentary about coffee in Ethiopia, Rachel Samuel, who was born in Ethiopia, and Adam Overton fell in love with Ethiopia, its people, and the coffee.  With the guidance of coffee professional Willem Boot, they brought the Gesha variety home to the Bench Maji zone in 2007 to a 471-hectare farm specifically chosen for its high elevation, ample rainfall, temperate climates, and fruitful ground.  They selected wild Gesha plants from the original Gori Gesha forest and planted them amongst the indigenous trees, pairing 2000 coffee trees per hectare with more than 30,000 native shade trees.  They named their farm the Gesha Village and divided it into eight sub-farms where the production is meticulously tracked from mill to export and also experimented with for different approaches to processing and fermentation
Coptic Light is excited to present to you this beautiful lot from the Bangi farm of Gesha Village, selected for its amazing cup profile - bountiful berries, creamy body, and an aromatic honeysuckle and spice finish.  Delicious!

Country, Region: Ethiopia, Bench Maji

Farm: Bangi, Gesha Village

Processing: Natural

Variety: Gesha 1931, Gori Gesha

Elevation: 1900-2100 masl

Additional Growing Information: Agroforestry system with a mix of indigenous shade tree varieties in brown-red loamy soil18-30 day drying on raised African beds, parabolic plastic cover used in the evening for increased air-flow to the coffee

Roaster's approach: "Hot and fast up front but after first crack use plenty of air flow, pull back on the heat, and shorten that development time to allow all those beautiful fruity floral notes to sing."


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