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Coptic Light packaging

Coptic Light's packaging starts at the drawing table, is printed and assembled by us (Esther, JR, and David) and shipped to you.

Illustrator and poster artist David V. D'Andrea (known for work with bands such as Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Sleep, and Om) plays off of the coffee's unique traits to create a visual aesthetic for each release.

The artwork is hand drawn with India Ink and nib, transferred to photopolymer plates, and printed on our Chandler & Price (circa 1910) press. The press is treadle (foot) powered, stamping actual intention and love into each and every impression.

Our hope is to craft an outer box that conveys the care and effort that Esther and JR put into the selection and roasting process, an outer shell which radiates our love of visual art, craft, creativity, and music.